Pirate Wench Costume and Accessories

    Pirate wench costume and accessories for raiding parties. A pirate wench costume for eager treasure hunters. Hordes of pirate costumes and accessories fulfill your seafaring desires. Pillaged from the best of both worlds every cargo was a shopping spree. Each raid brought in more fabric and bling than the best European designers had to work with. These were not your standard rags. Pants of Asian silk and shirts of African cotton. Jewels and trinkets from every corner of the known world bespeckled the buccaneers clothing. Stolen finery transcended into every day garb for lack of anything else available to them. High seas theives certainly had high end wear as it was originally destined for kings and queens before being plucked from unguarded flag ships.

Pirate Wench Costume

Sm./Med. (2197SM) $52

Med./Lg. (2197ML) $52

Lg./Xl (2197LX) $52

Hat (2098) $NA

Pirate Wench Costume

Shore Wench

Sm. 6-8 (110S) $44

Med. 8-10 (110M) $44

Lg. 10-12 (110L) $44

XLg. 12-14 (110X) $44

Plus Size 16-22 (1618P) $48

Mystic Pirate Wench

Sm. 5-7 (1589S) $46

Med. 8-10 (1589M) $46

Lg. 11-13 (1589L) $46

XLg. 14-16 (1589X) $46

Pirate Wench

Country Pirate Wench

Sm. 5-7 (1588S) $49

Med. 8-10 (1588M) $49

Lg. 11-13 (1588L) $49

XLg. 14-16 (1588X) $49

Captains Treasure

Sure to please the lusty crew. Full crushed velvet
flocked jacket with gold trim and accents. Includes
hat, hot pants and wide belt.

Small Size 6-8 (876S) $48

Med. Size 8-10 (876M) $48

Lg. Size 10-12 (876L) $48

Pirate Wench

Buccaneer Dress

Sea Siren

Scandalous draping lace and brown velvet
with brocade and ribbon accents. Sexy off
the shoulder dress with handkerchief skirt
and head tie. Always ready to come aboard.

Med. Size 8-10 (755M) $38

Lg. Size 10-12 (755L) $38

XLg. Size 12-14 (755X) $38

Plus Size 16-22 (1636P) $40

48" Pearls (7777) $3

1 Doz. 48" Pearls (7777D) $16

Lady Pirate

Much easier on the eyes than the normal crew these
ladies are prepared for any sea battle. Sexy swabbies
setting sail in style. Great quality mid-range costume
for the miserly land lubber.

XSm. Size 2-4 (12XS) $59

Sm. Size 6-8 (12S) $59

Med. Size 10-12 (12M) $59

Lg. Size 14-16(12L) $59

Pirate Costumes

Pirate Wench Costume

Seven Seas Pirate Wench

To the Captains Quarters with you. Dark
and sensual with just a touch of red. Gold
accented bustier with attached skirt and
hat included.

Sm/Med (1058S) $79

Med/Lg (1058M) $79

Lg/Xl (1058L) $79

1X/2X (1058X) $79

Scandalous Buccaneer

Short and sassy holds the crew at bay with
a sexy backside. Long sleeve peasant top,
neck tie jabot, hook and eye lace up vest,
two layer skirt, scarf and hat included.

Sm/Med (1118SM) $99

Med/Lg (1118ML) $99

Sexy Wench

Pirate Wench Blouse

Sexy Pirate

Tradewind jewels wash over a cargo of
ocean blue and blood red. No Captain
can tame the lace and ribbon accents
of rebellion. Lace mini dress, jacket,
hat, boot covers and sword included.

Sm/Med (820SM) $79

Med/Lg (820ML) $79

Deck Hand Holligan

High jinx upon the high seas with layers front
and sexy back. Layered asymetrical dress,
dress vest and head scarf. Does not include
sword, liquor flask, fish nets or hat.

Sm/Med (1284SM) $89

Med/Lg (1284ML) $89

Pirate Hat (BW203) $16

Thi Hi's (BW505) $4



The Captains secret weapon lures you in for
the thrill. From the smoking hot backside to
trenchcoat treachery she wins every time.
Includes trench coat, dress and scarf.

Sm/Med (1283SM) $119

Med/Lg (1283ML) $119

Lg/Xl (1283LX) $119

Floral Tights (BW682N) $8

Pirate Wench Tie Tops

Steamy crew attire to battle the tropical
heat. When only the minimum is required
for going ashore. One Size Tie Top in an
array of sea worthy scandolous colors.

White (861WH) $15

Black (861BK) $15

Red (861RD) $15

Lt. Pink (861PK) $15

Hot Pink (861HP) $15

Pirate Wench Tie Top

Pirate Wench Blouse

Off The Shoulder Scrunch Tops

New deckwear just in time for hurricane season.
Classic off the shoulder top strikes the attention
of all salty characters aboard. One Size with lots
of enticing colors for your sun drenched costume.

White (1008WH) $17

Black (1008BK) $17

Red (1008RD) $17

Pink (1008PK) $17

Hot Pink (1008HP) $17

Pleated Mini Skirt
Pleated pleasure for sexy shore leave
and plunder. In a treasure trove of solid
colors to complement your costume idea.

White S/M (1024WHS) $19
White M/L (1024WHL) $19

Black S/M (1024BKS) $19
Black M/L (1024BKL) $19

Red S/M (1024RDS) $19
Red M/L (1024RDL) $19

Sexy Super Mini
Wear if you dare. Super short mini skirt
that leaves little for the wind to toss or
the imagination to wonder.

White S/M (1026WHS) $19
White M/L (1026WHL) $19

Black S/M (1026BKS) $19
Black M/L (1026BKL) $19

Red S/M (1026RDS) $19
Red M/L (1026RDL) $19

Pirate Bandana

Pirate Bandana (7118) $6

Satin Pirate Bandana (27801) $3

Jumbo Earrings (7114) $3

Pirate Hats

Medium (2051M) $8

Large (2051L) $8

Pirate Saber

(8226) $4

Pirate Cutlass

(7043) $4

Pirate Pistol

Flintlock blunderbuss and pistol to keep in your belt. Nice weapons are full sized and battle tested. The plastic pistol offers a nice costume look for the price. Our deluxe pirate pistols are well made replicas suitable for the more serious of seafarers. Authentically constructed of working metal parts and set into a hardwood stock. It's the perfect waist side companion in sticky situations. The Blunderbuss has twin hammers for a double load of trouble. While the Captains pistol has a single shot to make that final stand.

Plastic (7695) $5

Blunderbuss (43301) $16

Captains Pistol (1729) $12

Garter & Gun
Mini Derringer w/ Holster
(7100) $8

Fringe Sashes

Long waist wrap in satin with gold fringe
and the skull and cross bones. Approx. 6 Ft.

Economy Red (51628) $6

Economy Black (51629) $6

Striped Sashes

Extra long deluxe striped waist sash with
black fringe Approx. 8 Ft. long.

Deluxe Red & Black (14034R) $9

Deluxe Black & White (14034B) $9

Pirate Costumes

Pirate Eyepatches

A flesh wound battle scar from a legendary
battle. A scandalous peg leg standard.

Deluxe Eyepatch (54689) $3

Pirate Eyepatch (6001) $1

Eyepatch and Earring (7113) $3

Deluxe Eyepatch Red (46507) $3

Deluxe Eyepatch Gold (46513) $3

Deluxe Eyepatch Silver (46514) $3

Pirate Turban

Seafaring staple accessory. A deckhands classic
headwrap adorned with the skull and cross bones.

(7369) $5

Pirate Telescope

Arrrrr! There be pirates on the horizon.
Time to hide me treasure!!

(7587) $5


The pirates only friend on the high seas.
A parrot for the shoulder of the meanest
ocean Captain alive, it calms his spirits
in the mornings. Fully feathered, 20"
tall and very realistic this Polly is quite
easy to care for. And, unlike the original,
it won't divulge your buried treasure
secrets. Ribbon or wire attaches at feet.

(20P) $16


Ale Coozies

Keeps all that rum and brew nice and cool for
a sun drenched crew. Nab afew for your galley
before heading out to sea.

Brew Coozies 1pc. (5815) $3

Brew Coozies 6pcs. (5815H) $15

Brew Coozies 12pcs. (5815D) $24

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